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What's Happening? WGW Blog

What's Happening? WGW Blog

October 03, 2021

Welcome to the blog.  Here you'll find updates and conversation about what is happening at the winery.  

Grape crush 2021 is winding down and there's some news ~ with the Caldor fire there was a lot of overnight smoke on the vineyards and wineries are still assessing any damage.  Since we buy fruit and wine from all over Northern California we're not susceptible to the smoke taint issue and we are currently looking at 2021 grapes/wine from other regions.  As some of you know we're interested in a 2020 Mourvedre and 2020  Grenache from David Girard vineyards.  We're hoping to get this blend in the bottle this spring however we need to see about supply chain issues.  A lot of the East Asia glass we use for our bottles is stuck (along with a ton of other stuff) either still in port there or on ship waiting for West Coast port openings.  Right now we're being told first quarter is out... maybe second quarter.  In the meantime we're looking at domestic glass though that can substantially drive up the cost of a case of wine ~ so we'll see.

We're also looking for our next WGW Zinfandel.  There's some renowned vineyards in our area but we'll have to see what the smoke damage is after the fires.

Recently I've had some questions about where we make our wines.  We are a fully licensed California winery meaning we could have a vineyard, a couple tasting rooms ~ everything every licensed winery have.  The difference is that our license allows us to "alternate proprietor" with a willing host winery.  It allows us to partner with Mira Flores and use space in the production facility to make our wines.  I had been doing a lot of business with Mira Flores during my time a Jodar and it made for a perfect fit.  

Cheers to all of you!  

William (Bill) Gunn

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Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson

November 21, 2021

I will try to drive over to Placerville to pick up a few bottles later this month. I’ll place an order online with a note to hold it for me and I will coordinate a good time to drive over and pick it up.


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